This research project (PTDC/HAR-HIS/29376/2017) financed by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) lasts for 36 months (starting on september 1, 2018) and aims to study several women’s associations that have played a significant role at the political and social level from the outset of World War I until April 25, 1974 and have had a different longevity:

Assistência das Portuguesas às Vítimas da Guerra (1916-1918)

Associação das Antigas Alunas do Instituto de Odivelas (desde 1919)

Associação Feminina Portuguesa para a Paz (1935-1952)

Comissão Feminina do Movimento de Unidade Democrática (1945-1947)

Comissão Feminina Eleitoral da Candidatura de Arlindo Vicente (1948)

Comissão Feminina Eleitoral da Candidatura de Humberto Delgado (1958)

Comissão Feminina Eleitoral da Candidatura de Norton de Matos (1948-1949)

Comissão Feminina « Pela Pátria » (1914-1917)

Comissão Protectora dos Prisioneiros de Guerra Portugueses (1918-1919)

Conselho Nacional das Mulheres Portuguesas (1914-1947)

Cruzada das Mulheres Portuguesas (1916-1935)

Movimento Democrático de Mulheres (desde 1968)

Movimento Nacional Democrático Feminino do Movimento Nacional Democrático (1949-1957)

Movimento Nacional Feminino (1961-1974)

Núcleo Feminino de Assistência Infantil da Junta Patriótica do Norte (1916-1938)


The duration of the period under study: 1914-1974, over half a century, will allow us to analyze the changes that have occurred in the structures and dynamics of these associations, from different political contexts: monarchical, republican, support for the dictatorship and clandestine, legal or semi-legal opposition to the authoritarian regime of the New State.

The study of these associations seeks to contribute to the development of political history from a gender perspective. In addition, a combination of historical and sociological approaches, associated with network analysis, will provide new insights into women’s associations, with an emphasis on the links that might exist between the associations under study.


The public presentation of the projet took place at ICS-ULisboa, on the 8th of March 2019. More information here.


Graphic identity of the Project:
Daniela Krtsch, Change, 2018
(Oil on canvas, 60 X 45 cm)


Projeto FCT - PTDC/HAR - HIS/29376/2017

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